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Fly Now, Pay if Okay

Colibra(COL) Private Sale Round 2 is now OPEN

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100,000+ app downloads on iOS and Android

Limited Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 COL

High Project Potential: $4.67 trillion Travel & $3 trillion crypto industries

Colibra token is a utility token and serves the purposes of unlocking discounts, incentivizing users via staking in and out of the app

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Who is Colibra for:

Business Travelers

Budget Travelers

Travel Couples

Travel Groups

Free travel app for frequent flyers:

Colibra pays for your ticket every time when your flight gets delayed by 3+ hours or gets cancelled!

01: Fly Now, Pay if Okay

Book a plane ticket via Colibra’s mobile app. Pay after the flight is completed and has landed on time. Fly for free if you land with 3h+ delay. No payment if your flight gets cancelled and you don't want any of the alternatives.  Live on the AppStore and Google play.

02: Hotels

Colibra is integrating hotels into Book now, Pay if Okay service. Book a Flight + Hotel package. If your flight gets cancelled and you can't make it - you don't have to pay anything. If you fly the next day, don't pay for nights that you cannot use.  Will be live in Q2 2022

03: Travel wallet

Colibra wallet provides instant compensations with flight delays of 60+ minutes. We will hold all your boarding passes and keep you posted on gate changes and flight information. Use your wallet to go through airport security as well.  Live on the AppStore and Google play.








Total Supply:

1,000,000,000 COL

Smart Contract:

1,000,000,000 - Maximum/Total Supply

Deflation Economy

Buy back and burn

- 25% of operational profit margin will be used monthly to buy back Tokens and burn them
- 75% of profit margin will be reinvested in company growth

Token Staking

- Users can stake their COL tokens for long periods of time to obtain different levels of genius discounts on hotels
- Stimulates token price growth by taking tokens out of circulation.

Private Sale Rounds

Round 1


Total tokens for sale


Price in USD for 1 COL


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Round 2


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Price in USD for 1 COL


Total amount in USD




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Three-year Plan:

Project Roadmap:

June 2018

Colibra Established

December 2018

Bulgarian startup VC Investment - Eleven Ventures

June 2019

Launch of Colibra app for iOS and Android

Oct 2019

Startup worldcup finalist

Dec 2019

Second VC Investment

March 2020

COVID-19 grounding the airline industry

December 2020

Launch of premium membership

February 2021

Referral bonus program launched

September 2021

MVP ticket-selling service launched in Dubai, UAE

October 2021

Finalist in travel startup accelerator Intelak’s 2021 cohort

December 2021

Official Launch of Fly Now pay if Okay service

Q1 2021

Add hotels and ancillary services

Q2-4 2022

Scale on different markets


Hyper Growth

Teams Roadmap:

Q1 2022

Q2 2022

Q3 2022

Q4 2022

Team Flights

Add basic Flight features - seat reservation and extra luggage Add vendors

Add advanced flight features Add vendors (new markets)

Add advanced flight features Add vendors (new markets)

Add advanced flight features Add vendors (new markets)

Team Hotels

Add Hotels

Add more hotel content & features (new vendors + offerings)

Add more hotel content (New Markets)

Add more hotel content (New Markets)

Team Other

Add auxiliary services

Increase auxiliary services Improve growth hacking features

Customer Loyalty More auxiliary services

Add other services
Rent-a-car etc.

Team Blockchain

- Add Staking for a discount web widget - In-app purchases with tokens

Improve widget functionality and add easy token conversion

Tracking luggage identification services


Colibra Team:

Our Founding Team has background in these organizations:

Kalojan Georgiev

Chief Executive Officer

Kalojan is the founding partner of K-Pharm Global Group (KPGG), а $100mln+ group of pharma-trading companies. The company is a one-stop shop, offering services such as logistics, distribution, marketing and regulatory support for pharmaceutical manufacturers, covering over 50 countries in Africa, Europe and Asia.

Boris Stranjev

Chief Technology Officer

Boris is a solutions architect that has a long proven track record of designing and delivering complex technical solutions with multiple front-end applications and high-availability back end systems. He has a BSc in Informatics and a MSc in Artificial Intelligence. He has worked at Google, as well as Musala Soft, where he developed software solutions for companies such as IBM, Deutsche Telekom, Commerzbank and many more.

Ivan Belomorski

Chief Operating Officer

Ivan has extensive experience as a Product and Project Manager in developing multiple successful mobile and backend systems. Understanding a product’s added value from a customer standpoint, he excels at using meaningful functional and UX design to translate this added value into a coherent software product. Ivan is experienced in developing large-scale operations with multiple teams and complex deliverables, with work experience in IBM, Deutsche Telekom, Musala Soft.

Alexander Ivanov

Back-end Developer

Software Еngineer, specialized in object-oriented design and analysis, Java EE architecture, code quality, and software development. Experienced in the full life cycle of the software design process, including requirements definition, prototyping, proof of concept, design and architecture, interface implementation, testing and maintenance. He has worked at, VMware, Musala Soft.

Mario Ignatov

Full Stack Developer

Experienced Senior Software Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the software industry. Skilled in Java, Spring framework and Spring projects like Data, MVC, Batch, Boot, Security, Hibernate. He has worked at Qualifast Ltd., MICROS Systems UK Ltd., VMware, Musala Soft.

Mihail Karev

Product Engineer

Mihail has more than 8 years in software development. He has taken many different roles as a front-end developer, back-end developer, solutions architect and team lead throughout his career. As an agile software engineer, he has worked in both startup (hack-it) environment and corporate software divisions of Airbus and IBM.

Vladimir Ninov

Blockchain & Marketing Advisor

Vladimir is a serial online entrepreneur & digital marketing expert with years of experience in growth hacking, scaling, and blockchain. He is the co-founder and Marketing Director of Webhits Ltd., while also being a contributing writer at Forbes & Entrepreneur magazines.

Peter Panayotov

Travel Technology Expert

Peter has over 15 years of experience in travel technology companies, with qualifications from institutions in the Netherlands, Canada, Bulgaria and Turkey. During the past 5 years Peter has been a stakeholder in large scale innovation projects in the area of managing flight associated risks and data analytics involving large multinational companies from the United Kingdom, France, Iceland and others.

Irina Kuncheva

Claim Management

Irina has more than 15 years experience in leading online travel companies, starting as customer support/travel agent, going through supervisor, training manager, account manager, business travel operations manager and lately claims manager. The companies she worked for include, Grange Hotels London, Travelclick (acquired by Amadeus), PowerYourRoom (acquired by, eSky and Claimcompass.

Eva Mihaylova

Customer Happiness Specialist

Eva is a licensed travel agent with a long term experience in a wide range of travel services. Her previous work experience includes Sofia Airport, Premier Tours, Usit colours, Sunny holidays.

Deyan Krivosheenko

Marketing Consultant

Web-savvy digital marketing expert with proven accomplishments in planning and executing web, SEO, and Growth Hacking campaigns with a view to create and maintain the company’s presence and image in the industry. Highly skilled in identifying trends and insights and optimizing performance, brainstorming new and creative growth strategies by using digital marketing docks.

Deyan Dragiev

Head of legal

Lawyer specialized and experienced in international business transactions and legal proceedings in diverse sectors such as tech&media, fintech, leisure, energy, transport, etc. He has been part of one of the largest global law firms CMS for nearly a decade and has education and qualifications from UK and civil law jurisdictions incl. a doctoral PhD degree.