Colibra Travel DAO

The first travel DAO by travelers for travelers with more than 100 000 downloads on AppStore and Google Play

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Colibra is a travel community that only pays for travel service if OKAY

Currently travelers pay for service in advance. Airlines can then cancel, be late leaving the pasanger with nothing to say. We think this is unfair and we unite to gain bargaining power.

We believe that travelers should only be paying when the service is stellar. The risk should not be carried by the passengers. Passengers should pay only when the service is complete of quality.

Colibra Feature

Our value propositions and what we did last year. One single app to combine all elements of the flight process.

Pay if Okay

Colibra Flights

Book flights. Pay after the flight. No payment for cancellations. Fly for free for 3+ hours delays. No extra charge.

Colibra Hotels

Book hotels. Don't pay if you can't make it due to flight disruption.

Colibra Compensation Service

Book hotels. Don't pay if you can't make it due to flight disruption.

Colibra Protect

Afraid you might not make it? Work uncertainty or Positive PCR? Upgrade with our Cancellation policies.

Colibra Travel Wallet

Store your bording passes. Stay up to date on flight delays and gate changes.

Crypto travel community

Become a part of the community

Get recommended crypto friendly hotels and destinations. Hang out with other crypto fans, enjoy fun people to travel with.

Stake to unlock discounts

Stake tokens to earn different Genious discounts of 5%, 10% or 15%. Enjoy different frequent traveler perks.

Pay with tokens

Book flights and hotels with crypto. Instant, cheap and transperant.

Travel to Earn

Earn Colibra tokens the more you travel. Spend them on even more travel.

Buy back and burn

Colibra will spend 25% of it's profit to buy back and burn tokens.

Colibra NFT flights

Our community will purchase tickets in Bulk in order to obtain considerably lower rates. These bulkly purchased tickets can be turned in to tradable NFT. This would allow our crypto community to purchase and resell tickets freely creating the first peer to peer marketplace for tickets.

Note: This feature is being built for business class travel where tickets are transferable and bulk purchases can offer savingsfrom up to 45% on the final retail price.

Company Milestones

Over 100 000 app installs

20 000 in-app flights

2000 Compensated travelers

3 years on the market

Global timeline


Official Pay if Okay service launch


Building Colibra travel DAO vision


Launching Colibra Travel DAO / Public sale and listing


Expanding offerings for the DAO members.


Airline ticket NFTs & Secondary market




Kalojan Georgiev
Boris Strandjev
Ivan Belomorski
Deyan Krivosheenko
Head of Marketing
Deyan Dragiev
Head of legal
Peter Panayotov
Travel Tech Advisor
Mihail Karev
Product Engineer
Hristo Piyankov
Token Economist
Demir Tonchev
Data Science
Borislav Petrov
Head of Design
Alexander Ivanov
Back-end Developer
Vasil Angelov
Android Dev
Mario Ignatov
Full Stack Dev
Eva Mihaylova
Customer Happiness
Irina Kuncheva
Claim Management
Vladimir Vutov